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Nature range: Luxurious furniture in epoxy resin - river style

Nature Range

This range offers the creations of the artist Tey in epoxy resin and wood. Realization of dining table in solid wood, unique work and other rare decoration

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This range proposed by World’s Art offers all the creations of the artist Tey

Nature inspires us 

This set I named the Essen'ciel, in homage to this majestic tree, the Suar. This reminder to the Indonesian soil, a unique tree with an exceptional texture.

A friendly table with benches and stools with the design of matt black steel legs. The raw in all its splendour.

Revisited teak

This creation with multiple faces reflects the beauty of its lines through the transparent resin that embraces and highlights this beautiful teak wood.

An invitation to calm and rest 

Work of art composed of floating wood in green epoxy resin. Green, worthy representative of the plant world. This play between its transparency and this color gives an incomparable mirror effect, my statement to Mother Nature. 

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