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Art of the Table: Unique, Rustic and Design Tray | World's Art


Discover our collection of trays, made by craftsmen and who will integrate perfectly with your decoration of interior and your style of decoration.

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The tray, an essential object in interior decoration 

Discover our collection of beautiful wooden trays, made by artisans and that will fit perfectly into your home whatever your style of decoration: vintage, contemporary, Scandinavian or modern. On the sideboard of the living room, in the kitchen against the credence, on a garden table or on a coffee table, the tray always has its effect. Once considered as a simple functional object, it is now one of the essentials of interior design and perfectly matches the trends of the moment. Our selection of unique trays made in noble materials will seduce you and you will not be able to resist the desire to decorate your home with one of these magnificent creations. To receive, to decorate, to bring a breakfast or an aperitif or to hide an imperfection on a coffee table: the tray will necessarily find a home utility. It is an interior decoration objects as aesthetic as practical.

Design trays to enrich its decoration

Large or small, round or square: the tray adopts several forms and is part of the current decor trends. It has separated from its functional character and can land in multiple locations and in all rooms of the house. It also easily finds its place in the garden. Depending on its design and size, it can be found on windowsills. It can be used alone or in groups like Russian dolls, can contain other decorating objects or deco fruit or used to deposit his keys if it is small and placed on a console in the entrance. In marble or wood, with touches of resin, it completely changes the atmosphere of a room if it is highlighted and everyone will find the style that corresponds to his desires of the moment.