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Vase: Objects Design of interior and exterior decoration | World's Art


The vase, a decorative accessory still in vogue

Find our selection of decorative vases made of noble...

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  • Oval Vase On Massive Teak Wood Base

    $58.82 -20% $47.06

    It is a flower vase blown glass on solid teak base from the World's Art collection. Blown glass, beautiful flower: who says better to decorate a room such as the living room? The beauty of flowers for a life in pink! A vase is an essential element to enhance a beautiful coffee table or classic, as well as other furniture of the chosen room: the living room, the living room, the bedroom or other.

  • Blown Glass Vase


    This multicolored blown glass vase from the World's Art collection is the marriage of a specific design and original colors. Given its finish, this vase is of high class in terms of decoration. An addition of originality consequent. Placed alone, topped with a flower or not on a traditional table or the coffee table of the living room, it will work in this main room of the house.

  • Colorful Blown Glass Design Vase


    This colorful blown glass vase has more compared to others. Its design in itself is a technique mastered by very few decorators. The quality of the material used and the colors are well distinguished in the finish. The proof, unequivocally, of the know-how of his designer. To place in a beautiful room, in the middle of a coffee table or classic, even better with a beautiful bouquet.

  • Carved Palm Trunk Vase Blue Finish

    Who would dare to imagine that a worn palm tree trunk could still be used other than firewood? Our designer here is not of this opinion by creating this vase trunk of palm. A blue finishing touch has been added to enhance the vase's value. It can now be used to adorn a room, a coffee table or high on which it will enthronish.
  • Flower Vase On Massive Teak Wood Base


    Solid teak acts like a magnet on the gaze of the observer. Surmounted by a fortuitous vase, it is the ultimate in inspiration. With its vague shapes and extraordinary elegance, World's Art wants to seduce anyone who wants an interior or exterior design. Here this blown glass flower vase on solid teak base is a decorating object goes everywhere

  • Design Blown Glass Vase On Teak Wood Base


    This design blown glass vase on the teak base has been designed and elaborated in a specific style. A new generation decorative object corresponding more to a design and contemporary furniture. Usually, a vase is made to contain flowers or other dry bouquets. Trouncing without the slightest pageantry. In the middle of a coffee table in your living room, it will be decorative and attractive.