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The vase, a decorative accessory still in vogue

Find our selection of decorative vases made of noble materials by the best craftsmen in the interior design sector. These vases present in the category Decorative object are design and have been specially selected to integrate easily into your environment and be in harmony with other decorative objects already present. We offer vases with shapes, colors and patterns varied and original.

Depending on the object you choose, you can either integrate it perfectly into a vintage, contemporary, Scandinavian, classic or modern decoration of your room or make it an element of differentiation.

Set on a dining table, a coffee table, a sideboard or a garden table, the vase alone can change the mood of a room. Long reduced to a purely functional use to accommodate plants and flowers inside your home, the vase is increasingly becoming a modern and essential accessory of interior architecture.

You will inevitably find the vase that suits you among our selection of designer objects that will fit into any room in your home.

Beautiful vases to enhance your bouquets and your pieces

Oval, cylindrical, spherical or square, our vases models meet the trends of the moment in terms of decoration. Indeed, this variety of shape allows this accessory to adapt to all types of environment as a centerpiece decoration or as an object of complement.

Depending on the style of your furniture, the color of the walls of your rooms and the type of flowers you want to keep, you can bet on our collection of colorful vases blown glass or trunk of palm tree that will marry perfectly to your decoration inside. Your flowers will now be well preserved and placed in a unique decorative object.

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