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Decorative object: unique candlestick product and design | World's Art


Decorate your rooms with our candlestick and find new decorating ideas. Choose a decorative product from the "decorative object" category on World's Art.

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The candlestick, essential interior decoration accessory 

Once candlestick models have been limited to their basic function, candlesticks have become an increasingly important part of home decoration. To meet the current trends in interior design, we offer ranges of design candlesticks made entirely of noble materials such as glass, teak wood, resin or marble

Large or small, a candle holder can accommodate one or more candles. What better way to illuminate your living room, your bedroom, your bathroom or your dining room during the long winter evenings while warming the atmosphere. Indeed, it is the deco accessory essential to bring a touch refined and unique aesthetic to your tables and consoles indoor but also to your garden. Very functional, the candleholder can be placed in any room of your house. 

In the living room on a fireplace, in the bedroom on a bedside table or on the edge of a window, all ideas are good to place this must-have decorative accessory and bring out the beauty of your interior.

A decorative and functional element 

A must-have for romantic dinners or evenings with friends over a glass, opt for an original candleholder in which a nice candle will be consumed in a gentle way that will release a pleasant and light interior fragrance. Rectangular, cylindrical or square, the candlestick contributes to the atmosphere of your room for a rustic, contemporary, Nordic, classic or even cozy style. 

Find on our site a wide selection of unique candle holders and made by craftsmen. They will easily find their place in your interior or exterior decoration and will delight your family and your guests for warm and unforgettable sharing.