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  • Blown Glass Banana Leaf Tray

    Represent a natural element through the plastic art can be used in the decoration. Like this banana leaf in blown glass from the World's Art collection. Designed with a material with a simple appearance, but with great finesse in the design. Great precision in the finish. In the living room or other room, on the coffee table or furniture consequent, it will not go unnoticed.
  • Blown Glass Banana Leaf

    A decorative item can have several designs. This blown glass banana leaf from the World's Art collection is a real inspiration for plastic art. It is an original creation by its representation and the design of the material used. To place it on a piece of furniture to make it well visible will be an obvious attraction. In the living room or other room of its choice.

Want a decidedly trendy interior decoration to seduce your guests on special occasions? Discover our elegant objects in glasses like our vasesdecorative objects and trays, perfect to dress up and embellish your interior and your daily tables.

Design and practical glass objects for your home 

Available in different finishes as attractive as varied, our selection of glass objects will meet your desires of the moment. From the glass vase to the glass deco object through the tray, it is a unique and original collection of glass objects that is offered to you to illuminate your interior

Known and used for many decades, glass still remains a popular and sought-after material in many fields. Thanks to its exceptional properties that give it a fascinating, luminous and timeless appearance, this multi-application material is widely used in major architectural and interior design works. Use our glass objects as functional as decorative to give a particular touch to your interior decoration

Practical and remarkable, these glass objects lend themselves to everyday use as well as to special occasions. Indeed, whether to serve, to present your fruits, juices and dishes or even to take your preparations to the table, these accessories will brighten your moments of sharing with family or friends.

Beautiful glass objects for ultra-trendy interior decoration 

In the spirit of the times, our glass objects represent, beyond their functional side, decorative accessories in their own right. With their incredible finishes and original colors, these objects are perfect for bringing a modern and chic atmosphere into your home. 

These beautiful crystal creations can fit into your room, no matter the style, to bring a touch of elegance and refinement. These are accessories that will perfectly match your collection of wooden decorative objects or existing table art.