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Furniture and Deco: indoor and outdoor unique design lamp |World's Art


Discover our design lamps in wood or stone and beautify your home and garden. Choose your unique World's Art products and have you easily delivered to your home

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Brighten up your interior and create a unique atmosphere in every room of your home with our different stone lamps such as onyx, reconstituted stone, lava stone or even wood such as teak wood.

Original lamps to illuminate your home, your garden and your terrace 

Discover our unique selection of decorative lamps dedicated to all uses and styles of interiors. Enjoy the precise lighting of a desk lamp, an original design lamp to be placed on a sideboard in a living room with a sober and minimalist design or a magnificent bedside lamp to put on a console in a room to sleep peacefully thanks to a soft and relaxing light. 

You will also find a great selection of Japanese lamps that represent an ideal lighting solution to illuminate your gardens, your terraces. You can also place them along your aisles to guide your guests. These lamps, also called tōrō, were once used as objects of worship. Separated today from their traditional functions, they are now deco objects to sublimate the green spaces. They are usually used to draw attention to a specific place or to indicate a space.

Original lamps to decorate your home 

Do you want to highlight your gardens or terraces through original outdoor decorative lighting? Find our collection of handmade lamps for indoors or outdoors. You can also enjoy unique fabrications made from lava stones and onyx that will find a place in your home. 

With their special sizes and stupas or pagoda shapes, these beautiful creations will fit easily into any type of garden and interior design. Opt for these original works to bring character and originality to your decoration

Once installed in their ideal places, these indoor outdoor lighting will enhance your gardens, terraces and the various rooms in your home.