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Decorative object: unique wooden jar and design products | World's Art


Discover our unique decorative and art objects and design as our teak jars on the online decoration specialist Express delivery at home.

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Looking for jars with an original and unique design? In wood or other? Discover our selection of quality jars, simple and elegant to beautify your living space, indoors or outdoors.

An ideal decorative object for indoors and outdoors 

In the category of decorative objects, the jar is becoming more and more essential. Placed inside or outside your home, it will bring a real decorative touch as well as a vintage side. You can easily put one of these jars on a coffee table, a bedside table, the edge of a window or on a piece of garden furniture. 

Made of natural solid teak wood by talented craftsmen, these models of jars of all sizes will fit perfectly into any room of your home, whatever the style of interior decoration. To accommodate another object, to decorate or to hide an imperfection on a wall or a coffee table, the jar has the great advantage of being a beautiful object design as aesthetic as practical.

A wide selection of jars for your home 

As one of the essential objects of the house, the jar will bring a natural touch and will give a lot of charm to each of your rooms. Rather than accumulating decorative accessories, a simple designer jar is enough to change the mood of your room, your terrace or your garden. Bet on a natural solid teak wood jar to add a vintage touch to your interior architecture. It will also integrate perfectly with all types of decoration: atypical, modern, classic or industrial. 

On your terrace, in your garden or even in a corner of your living room, the jar will easily find its place for a result of the most beautiful effect and will certainly attract the attention of your guests.