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Decoration ball

Discover our decorative wooden resin or marble balls and beautify your house and garden. Choose your unique World's Art products and have them delivered to you.

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Are you looking for an unusual decorative object that can create a real exotic atmosphere? Find our collection of original and trendy decorative balls made by the best craftsmen in our decorative object category.

Original decor balls to sublimate your interior 

On our site, you will discover unique decor balls in teak wood and marble whose finishes will seduce you. It will be hard to resist the desire to decorate the interior or exterior of your home with one of these beautiful creations with original design

The use of decorative balls in interior design is one of the new trends in the world of decoration. Often appreciated thanks to their small size and their nuances of colors, these design objects are true works of art. Deco balls are also a way to express your love and respect for nature. 

On a coffee table, in the garden, on a bedside table or at the entrance to the living room, the decorative ball placed on base will easily find its place in your home. You will enjoy a discreet object that will blend perfectly with all types of decoration: vintage, modern, contemporary or classic.

Refined decorative balls to surprise your guests 

Create a chic and warm atmosphere with our collection of decorative objects composed of noble materials such as teak wood and marble. With our models of deco balls smooth, painted and very refined, you can vary your style of decoration to pleasantly surprise your guests and your loved ones. Opt for these unique craft creations that will make your living space more cozy. 

Depending on your desires, you will find green or red resin finish teak parts as well as creations in solid teak with transparent resin finish that is solid enough to embellish your home. Timeless and timeless, these balls will always keep their luster and will accompany you for many years.