Basket for Table in Natural Teak Wood Root

The primary purpose of this solid teak root table basket is to be used as a decorative object. Due to the exceptional physical characteristics of teak wood, there is nothing to stop you from storing and presenting fruit or other common items in the kitchen or dining room. Placed in the middle of a table, why not a buffet or other piece of furniture.

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Commercially planted, some exotic woods now populate our Western interiors, like wild animals that have become domesticated. The solid teak is very dense and strong, thanks to a complex environment and nutrients adapted for its roots.

The process of interior and exterior layout needs to inherit the beauty of raw materials to be able to bring warmth into the home or garden design. Web design makes it possible to know what a designer manufacturer is capable of. The design furniture and the wall decorations allowed the solid teak to prove itself in the modern design deco.

Rain, wind or sun can affect some wood that can not be used as outdoor furniture if not treated properly, not to mention insects and strength. Solid teak not only possesses this natural beauty that characterizes it, but it also has this particular resistance to the vagaries of nature.

A table basket full of elegance

An incredible level of solidity and elegance is noticed in some exotic woods such as solid teak. Its density greater than 700 kilos per cubic meter is for many in its high resistance. This makes it an ideal raw material for outdoor furniture, especially since we have something impervious and unappreciated by insects.

The characteristics of the table basket

The solid teak boasts a natural beauty that is one of the essential elements in the interior and exterior arrangement in contemporary Western environments. It's much easier for the designer to think outside the box to give wall decor or unusual table deco.

Below are the physical characteristics of the Solid Teak Root Table Basket.

Its weight is 5.4 kg, as for its height of 24 cm, its length of 28 cm and Width of 27 cm. Finally, its thickness is 2 cm and its depth 14 cm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers you other decorative objects to complement the decoration of your office, you can look in our sub category tableware that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful basket of solid teak root table. We also advise you to look at the dining room category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Dimension (Lxlxh):   28 cm x 27 cm x 24 cm

Weight: 5,4 kg

Materials: Teck wood

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