Straigh Bench in Suar Wood Brown Tint

Several styles of furniture are proposed to you by World's Art according to the rooms of the house, to sit and for the decoration. The bench is one of them. This one, made of natural suar wood is a personal and specific choice that you can make. Married to a beautiful table in the kitchen or dining room, it will be both decorative and practical for the family or a group of guests.

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We quickly realized that it is better to keep the characteristics of a raw material to keep its personality. This is particularly important with wood. We no longer hide the grooves that make the room unique and unique. We just improve the view with a finish that lets nature express itself as much as it wants

We would do everything to keep the artistic aspect of a piece of furniture. One does not risk leaving the individuality of a board for a solid color that hides all the lines of life of a tree whose nature has taken the time to forge.

The modern facet of natural wood furniture

If there is an important argument in the presentation of this right bench in Suar, it is the natural aspect sublime by the finish. Indeed, we take the trouble to spare the characteristic traces that show the individual and unique character of the wood. We probably know less, but a gigantic tree builds its texture and aesthetic appearance of its trunk over the years. Treatments on an industrial scale that hide the defects of wood do not distinguish what differentiates one part from another.

The natural lines of the table

Today, we rarely manage to protect the identity of a tree. Fortunately, the new trend is starting to give importance to the appearance of a natural raw material. We keep coming back to the treatment of wood, so as not to give in to the generalization of the presentation to the detriment of the enhancement of the natural lines of the tree.

A finish that shows its true nature

Before the return to the front of the stage wood with a natural finish, we had a lot of painted and impersonal furniture. Now, when it comes to exterior decoration, we prefer a wood that supports the weather without having to wear a pseudo protection that hides its true nature.

Dimension of the Bench Right in Suar

This straight suar bench has a length of 180 cm, a height of 45 cm and a width of 40 cm, for 8 cm thick. As for its weight, it weighs 41.4 Kg.

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1 Item

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