World's Art By Tey

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World’s Art By Tey

If you’ve been a little curious, you’ve probably already read in the «About Me» a short part of my history with Art. But I still owe you presentations worthy of the name, dear visitors.

So yes, my passion for decoration has totally converted me. Today, I take pride in my love for art and all that it represents in me.

This need to create is a statement of my faithfulness to him and is like an extension of myself. He made me into the man I am, and the artist I have become, Tey.
But back to the beginning.

I was born on 17 May 1984 in Ambilly, Haute-Savoie.

My mother and father had decided to have a third child because two sons were clearly not enough for them, what courage they had!

In any case, life leads me to take multiple paths.

A varied curriculum also due to my personality, the desire to explore was fully present from a very young age. Adolescence, many existential questions that made me choose in my twenties a curriculum in law. I wanted to help, accompany and plead for the good cause. But determined, I felt that something else was vibrating in me.

Growing up, I became aware of life, body, taking care of oneself and the importance of being healthy. I got a foothold in the pharmaceutical world for a few years. It was an enriching experience, but once again, I will inspire to express myself differently.

After these experiences with multiple skills, I gained confidence in myself, which led me to choose to do what I like, and assume a passion keeping secret until then, being a decorator .

For this I thank my mother, who instilled in us the openness to see and feel what surrounds us in its entirety. This curiosity drives me to travel, to discover the other, what is strange to me and to get to know Art, which I have never left since.

I give birth to World’s Art, the decoration of the world that I select during my travels. My desire was to make discover the world and thus to give access to decoration and furniture to the multiple cultures of which you can see our products still available by clicking HERE.

Naturally, I try to create, I use what Nature can offer me and start working with wood. I remember this man in Bali, who perfectly married Suar wood with color. It really resonated with me. So I became interested in this material and it was then that I discovered the epoxy resin.

I am one of the precursors in France to specialize in creating furniture in wood and epoxy resin that you can admire in the category "Epoxy Resin".

Today, I have more than a hundred works that are handcrafted, signed and unique.
Nothing was easy for me, I fought and today I have one of the most beautiful shops in Cotignac and a workshop where I can welcome you.

Hoping that this description of myself has allowed you to get to know a little more and understand who I am and what I do, I now return to my creations, and let you discover my Art.

Looking forward,

PS: I remain at your disposal for future exchanges if you wish via our contact form HERE

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