Teak and Epoxy Trundle Coffee Tables

These coffee tables are World’s Art creations made by Teymour ROMAN. It is a real work of art that was made of teak wood and transparent epoxy resin to give a contemporary style to your decoration. The legs of this unique work are made of chromed metal.

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These triple nesting coffee tables have been designed by Teymour ROMAN since 2017 specialized in the creation of decorative objects and furniture in wood, epoxy resin and metal.

A harmonious alliance

World’s Art offers unique products made mostly in France in Cotignac. 
The creation is done in such a way that the product is an aspect closest to nature and adds a touch to sublimate the products. 
It is composed of solid teak wood and resin that enhances this unique creation.

Epoxy resin

The epoxy resin that Teymour ROMAN uses at World's Art is a high quality and non-toxic resin. It is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. This material is mechanically very resistant and does not deform. The resin is also resistant to acids and not susceptible to corrosion.

The quality of teck wood for an original result

Between contemporary design and retro style, these coffee tables are of rare authenticity and the graceful features of its raw wood immediately attract attention to the place where it is placed. Teak wood is an exotic wood of the highest quality and beauty in the world.


The first coffee table at a height of 62m. Its sides are 40 x 40cm for a thickness of 5cm. Its total weight is about 7kg. 

The second at a height of 54cm. Its sides are 35 x 35cm for a thickness of 5cm. Its total weight is about 6kg. 

The third at a height of 45cm. Its sides are 30 x 30cm for a thickness of 5cm. Its total weight is about 5kg.

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Data sheet

40cm/ 35cm/ 30cm
40cm/ 35cm/ 30cm
62cm/ 54cm/ 45cm
Teck / Résine / Métal
Bois Naturel / Résine Transparente / Pied Métal Chromé

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