We collect your information as part of the Data Protection Act. We inform you here why and what are your rights.

Our server collects and backs up the following data into an internal file:

Version of your browser
Version of your operating system.
URL of the starting site.
Keyword of the research.
Date of your visit on the site.
Name of the page viewed.

This information is used anonymously. The purpose of this collection is statistical.
When you register on our site the information will never be linked to your name or personal information but to an alias. This is to allow us to improve our offer and our communication
If you do not want us to establish a user profile, you can oppose it. Explanations of your right to refuse are explained at the end of the page.
Personal data and banking information are exclusively for internal use.

World's Art is obligated to ensure compliance with the applicable data protection laws.
Personal data will be used in accordance with the signed contractual relationship and objectives such as fraud prevention, storage and use of data. This data will not be shared with a third party. World's Art guarantees that its data collection, access, use, storage and propagation of information comply with the privacy laws in accordance with the European Directives.

We use cookies on our website. Cookies are text files sent to your computer and saved on your browser. Thanks to Cookies our server recognizes the settings of your browser thus facilitating your use of our site and also allowing you to connect automatically.
You have the option to personally manage Cookies.
Our website uses Google Analytics. Google Analytics uses Cookies. Information about your use of the Internet collected by cookies is saved anonymously on Google servers in the United States.

We use your email address to send you an email for your registration and to respond to your requests as well as for sending our newsletters or for sending commercial offers. You have the opportunity at any time to unsubscribe from our newsletters and emails.
On simple request you will have access to information about you. You can obtain this information by contacting us at the address below. Laws allow you to correct, block or delete your information.
You have the right to object to the use of your personal data for the creation of a profile or to withdraw your consent. In this case we will not use the data about you. You can exercise your right of opposition or withdrawal by calling you by mail, telephone or email without having to give reasons.

Mail to: World's Art
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mail: [email protected]

Compliance with data protection rules:

Word's Art has set up the RGPD whose main objective is to guarantee users the security of their personal data and to provide them with more transparency regarding the uses that can be made of them. Here is a summary that will allow you to better understand its main aspects.

Some aspects are technical (eg to allow the user to extract his personal data), others organizational orders (eg to set up a data controller).

The 4 main technical aspects are:

* have a right to be forgotten
* improve the security of personal data in case of theft (intrusion)
* manage user consents more finely, set up a log of them, allow the user to cancel a consent
* view the personal history of the data