Floated Wood and Green Epoxy Resins

Wooden work floated in green resins. This decorative object of the World's Art collection is a design and useful product. To use in your kitchen, as a platter of presentation of charcuterie, tray or as a simple artistic touch in wall decoration as a work of art.

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This work in floating wood and metallic green resins is part of our "nature" range.

Natural range

Work of art composed of floating wood in green epoxy resin. Green, worthy representative of the plant world. This play between its transparency and these colors gives an incomparable mirror effect, my statement to Mother Nature.

A harmonious combination

In modern decorative elements, ancient raw materials are now highlighted as assets for the layout. Thus, the decorator marks their imprint so as not to hinder the presentation of characteristic traits that remind us of this natural aspect. This design object is unique and made with different floating wood and metallics epoxy resins.

Dimension of this Artwork

It measures 59,5cm in length and 30cm in width. The thickness of the tray is 2,2cm for a total weight of 4Kg.

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Data sheet

Bois flotté et époxy
Naturelle et résines verte

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