Conteneur Alimentaire 3 Compartiments

This food container 1 compartment saw the presence of handle is an article that can be used and move easily in the kitchen or dining room. Serving both storage and display for the foods necessary to be cooked and consumed according to the circumstances. It is also a design furniture for decoration, including the kitchen or the dining room.

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The one-compartment food container made of exotic wood is used as a table decoration while having a role of presentation for certain dishes that are used in the places arranged for the guests. An exotic wood that is offered to the observer with all his personality, thanks to this so natural and sublimated finish.

With a light touch from the designer, we have here a food container that takes the style of table decor very stylish. Carved in exotic wood, we have here an object of decoration which has a quite culinary and presentative role.

An exotic wood container

To enjoy the individuality of exotic wood in interior decoration, you can use designer furniture to enhance a home or garden design. That's how on the table we present you this food container with 1 compartment that has a handle on the top. This configuration promotes easy handling when it comes to transporting it. Indeed, it is a utensil, and deco table of course, which can be both in a garden or in the kitchen, if not in the dining room. Of course, as a deco store, it's also a very trendy design deco idea.

Dimension and characteristics of the container

Exotic wood with a natural finish, must for food use, has this characteristic to show its personality with its characteristic lines. No element is alike in nature, each has its individuality in its aesthetics, even if we always have traits in common. The one-compartment food container shown here is weighed at 0.8 kilo. Its length is 39.5 centimeters and the width is 20 centimeters. The height is measured at 16 centimeters.

Size of Food Container 1 Compartment

This Food Container 1 Compartment has a length of 39.5 cm, and a width of 20 cm, for a height of 16 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.98 kg.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complement the decor of your dining room, you can look in our sub category Tableware that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful food container 1 compartment. We also advise you to look at the Salon category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Weight: 0.98 kg
Height: 16 cm
Length: 39.5 cm

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