Olive Wood and Epoxy Resin Blue Top

This World’s Art tray was made from olive wood and blue resin. A quality wood with exceptional properties, a perfect resin finish that give this work this unique rendering. This top of the «Ocean range» made by Tey will highlight your interior decoration.

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This olive wood and blue resin top is part of our "ocean" range.

A luxury accessory

A tray adopts a line combining simplicity and originality, its rectangular shape and its colors in addition to the olive wood which is a quality material sought in architecture because it offers varied shades, making each piece unique and with the resin finish, a true work of art.

The finish accentuates the atypical side of the decorative and useful object. The craftsmanship was carried out in respect of the original material for a warm result that will bring an authentic and contemporary spirit to your decoration in addition to the luxurious side.

Olive wood, a robust exotic material

This tray is made of olive wood, a natural raw material that goes perfectly with all types of furniture. It allows to create quality objects, durable and of a formidable solidity. This living room furniture can therefore be used for the interior and can completely do without additional decorative object as its design attracts the eye and is sufficient to itself.

Olive wood is renowned and sought for its high resistance to degradation agents but also for its many aesthetic qualities and its resistance to humidity and temperature variations. An olive wood decoration will accompany you for many years.


This tray is 43.5 cm long and 24.5 cm wide with a 2 cm tray thickness for a weight of 1.65 kg.

Ideas for your home

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Data sheet

Olivier / Epoxy
Bois naturel, résine bleue

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