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Black and White Teak Wood Jar

The surprising and original formula for the new trend of cheap interior decoration is to bet on the combination of modern and natural materials. On the Black and White Teak Jar shown here

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For interior decoration, we use designer furniture, but also elements of decorations that can fit with a more natural appearance than geometric. One privileges an exhibition of the characteristics characteristic of the teak, while framing the whole by the modern key. Jug in Black and White Teak Massive weighs just over four kilos for a length that exceeds twenty centimeters.

A Black and White Solid Teak Jar is like a marriage between the natural look and the modern touch.

A jar in solid teak

In the deco magazines so many at the moment, we can not stop talking about massive teak. An exotic wood that can show a very warm and relaxing personality, while having very appreciated qualities with regard to the hardness and the duration of life. We like to show it naked and natural. Yet the designer still dares his touch with the finish that turns on a bold note in black and white on a finish of the decorative object that almost borders on perfection.

Quiet enough, however, to see a background that highlights the true personality of massive teak.

Presentation of the Black and White Teak Jar

Whether to dress the floor, make furniture, interior wall decor, or a table decoration, among others, solid teak is always present. The presentation of the Black and White Teak Massive Jar is ingenious, with this combination of modernity and naturalness. A wedding that weighs 4.40 kilos on the scale. For the dimensions, we have 47 centimeters deep and from 22 (high) to 14 (base) centimeters in diameter.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complete the decoration of your parents room, you can look in our sub-category decorative objects that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful jar in black and white solid teak. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.


Diameter :  From 22 (high) to 14 (base) cm

Weight :  4.40 kg

Depths :  47 cm

1 Item

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De 22 (Haut) à 14 (base)cm
Noir et blanc

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