Rustic Mirror In Teak Pieces

Every trend has its time and its influence. This rustic mirror in teak pieces with the use of teak wood and its specific design, are certainly rustic. But having one is a personal choice. Image of a certain inspiration, and at the same time decorative. Versatile, the virtues of the mirror in terms of perspectives and the effects of light will be more.
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This large wall mirror in pieces of natural teak, will bring a warm and welcoming touch to your home.

The rustic mirror with a solid teak frame for interior and exterior decoration. With its natural properties, it is a classic material in shipbuilding. The complexion and texture make the teak easily sublimated by a simple finish.

The raw material of the mirror frame

This rustic mirror is made in a naturally resistant and elegant wood that is teak. It is a kind of semi-hardwood that is almost insensitive to moisture. This feature makes it a very good element for the boat deck. Nowadays, teak is as good outside our home as inside. With the rustic look of the frame of this mirror, it is a whole other dimension that is given to the interior layout.

Some figures on the rustic mirror

The technical data sheet of the rustic mirror displays particularly generous measurements. Impossible to miss in a room, in which it will be an element of decoration which will act as centerpiece in the room where it sits. The width (or the height according to the point of view) is fixed at 100 centimeters, while the width is 85 centimeters. Teak has a density of between 800 and 600 kilograms per cubic meter.

About the mirror in Teak Pieces

The teak mirror is large enough to give depth to the interior. The wood is particularly stylish for any type of interior decoration. Wood quality, it is not likely to deform over time. It is a material that is ideal for the outdoors, facing the weather, but there is also the opportunity to enjoy its fine grain to bring an exotic touch in our interior.

The dimensions of the Rustic Mirror In Teak Pieces.

Its weight is 34 kg and its width 85 cm with a height of 100 cm.

Other decorative objects

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Dimension (H x W): 100 cm x 83 cm
Weight: 34 kg
Styles: Indonesian

Data sheet

83 cm
100 cm
34 kg

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