Large Wave Teak Wood Wave Mirror

It is a large mirror. A large mirror placed on a wall of your interior will be both an object of decoration and have a practical side, as for its use as such. This large wave teak mirror with irregular shape can be considered a living picture. Accenting on the same occasion, the adult room decoration and interior decoration in general.
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A modern decorative object instantly brings a change in a pristine environment when it is large. The exotic wood has this particular to assert its presence by its personality and compels the visitor to admire its natural characteristic features.

The new trends in interior design do not have the classic look of old objects, even if the main use can remain the same. We enjoy an exceptional look with teak, while keeping this assurance in the presentation with this feeling of depth with the mirror. A simple and effective indoor deco solution to be both modern and classic.

In the dining room, living room or even an outdoor area, the magic of modern interior design is to bring pleasure to the observer. The large teak wave mirror has this ambivalence in the presentation. Indeed, its perfectly vague appearance invites the visitor to come and kiss him. A double message by the presence of the mirror that allows wonderful contrasts for modern interiors.

An exotic wood mirror

A modern interior design element is always expressed in its own way. Here, the main subject is the exotic wood, the solid teak, which is perfectly carved to be of an indescribable form, if it is not a sketch of starfish of very large scale. As a spooky creature, this fascinating mirror coming from the home decor manufacturer's inspiration is an asset that can change the game in our interior. Like contemporary furniture, we have a natural resource sublimated and embellished by an overflowing imagination.

Size of the Large Teak Wave Mirror

This large wave teak wave mirror with a thickness of 7 cm, a length of 100 cm, for a width of 100 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 12 kg.

Other mirror

To complement the decor of your parents room you can look in our lamp category which offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful large wave teak wave mirror. We also advise you to look at the category wall decoration that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Dimension (L x l):   100 cm x 100 cm

Poids : 12 kg

Style : Indonésien

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