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Mirror Wave Teak Small Natural Model

teak wave mirror small natural model hanging on a wall will have consequent effects. At the same time very decorative and of a certain utility. As such it will transform your interior. The choice of teak frame accentuates this decorative aspect. In a hallway, in a room or somewhere else. The effects of perspective and brightness will be even more consistent and appreciated.
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The superiority of exotic wood in the field of home decoration is not surprising when you know the qualities of the raw material. Here, we have the natural teak that expresses its aesthetic characteristics, thanks to the discrete and well laid finish.

A mirror of the Teak range

Like an abstract painting design, the look and shape of the mirror of the natural teak range inspires a very warm atmosphere. Irregular, the outline is ideal for a wall decoration, especially with the raw material constituted by this exotic wood. The designer manufacturer ensures a clean finish, but the natural look is always kept to have that particular touch of this kind of wood.

A mirror full of exoticism

When it comes to having a trendy wall decoration, one can easily get to have an ambivalent message with a mirror. The shape holds a visibly important shape, especially with the Wave version. We remain faithful to a natural presentation of the raw material and we let the exotic wood show all its characteristics.

A mirror with vague shapes

Over the years, wall decoration has evolved so much that we are today in quite eclectic themes. Ornaments of religious or antique origin serve as table decoration. To dress the walls, colors and shapes are more evasive than geometric. We have a certain vision of western society that has been imbued with many distant cultures.

Natural Small Teak Wave Mirror Size

This small natural model teak wave mirror with a thickness of 4 cm, for a length of 51 cm and a width of 45.5 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 2.27 Kg.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complete the decoration of your room, you can look in our subcategory wall decoration that offers products that will marry perfectly with this magnificent teak wave mirror small natural model. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Dimension (Lxl): 51 cm x 45,5 cm

Weight: 2,27 kg

Materials: Teck wood

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