Mirror Wave Teak Small Black Model

This teak wave mirror small white model despite its small size can make the difference to the wall decoration of a house. Imagined and designed by a simple design and coloring. In a teak wood, it is an article of choice for decoration. Certainly small, it will have an effective reach. Clinging to a wall, placed upright on a piece of furniture, it will not go unnoticed.
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An elegant presentation, flexible and silent, the mirror alone symbolizes many themes. The decor is great when you have a mirror that reflects light, brings depth while giving another perspective of yourself.

Teak is a formidable wood for its robustness and its properties of resistance to moisture. With so much prestige and elegance, it is a raw material that permeates both modern interiors and designer gardens that bloom in quiet corners. This exotic wood has a real aesthetic power worthy of the luxury decoration that we see in home decor magazines.

The mirror is always attractive to the visitor's eyes. We always want to approach him. This one is particular in that it allows not only to admire, but we can also observe the natural traces on the teak.

A mirror with a strong personality

Straight out of Asian countries, the exotic wood that serves as a frame for the mirror is a vague pace. It is an interior decorative object for those who are looking for the unusual, or the appearance of exception. A craze for personality and the different is born with the fashion launched in the modern decorative magazines of the third millennium. We do not know the simple geometrical forms, we let ourselves be carried by the inspirations of nature, according to its forms and adapting to its propositions.

A mirror in the luxury decoration

The wood is anchored in the home decor. Large buildings were made with wood. But today, this raw material is also used for small furniture design. Wall decoration or design lamp, you can do everything with trees. When they have the teak class, we move on to a higher level, luxury decoration. The wave mirror made in teak version small model affirms its elegance in presentation and finish in white.

Dimension of Teak Wave Mirror Small White Model

This teak wave mirror small white model to a thickness of 5 cm, for a length of 42 cm, and 35 cm wide. As for his weight, he weighs 2.16 kg.

Other decorative objects

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Dimension (Lxl):  42 cm x 35 cm

Weight: 2,16 kg

Materials: Teck wood

1 Item

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