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Red Suar Wood Decorative Paddle

Interior design requires both a certain source of inspiration and taste. World's Art offers you this red decorative paddle that will decorate your living room, by its presence in a corner of the chosen room or hanging on a part of your wall. A very original object. An idea for a discount interior decoration and original wall decoration.

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Plastic and metal are not enough to offer enough decorative design objects in modern outdoor interior design. The tropical style and objects that may seem common in different cultures may have an ornamental dimension in western design interior design.

Full of subtlety and with a totally different art, the Indonesian style offers us this light suar wood paddle that allows to give the interior or exterior decoration to have an exotic touch. A particularly useful tool in a tropical world where life on the water is daily.

Travelers have always brought back memories of distant cultures during their adventures. He can decorate his living room or garden with elements that he does not find or do not know in his usual world. The cultural differences are palpable, so the incredible simplicity in a far-off country can have an artistic dimension in the Western world. This can be seen with this beautiful red paddle that can be used as a trendy wall decoration in the contemporary interior or exterior arrangement.

A decorative accessory with a cultural theme

Thanks to web design, design objects with a tropical and exotic cultural theme are never far away. In a few clicks, you can have something very unusual, decorate a more personalized interior. This requires significantly less research and decoration shop visit. We choose what we want in a decoration magazine on the Internet, and we know where to order, on www.worlds-art.com for example.

Characteristic of the paddle

The red decorative paddle is a decorative accessory that can be used in different ways. On a wall or in a corner, it has a look always elegant and stylish.

Dimension of the Red Decorative Paddle

This red decorative paddle has a width of From 4 (High) to 16 (base) cm, for a height of 100 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.83 kg.

Other products in decorative paddle

to complete the decor of your room, you can look in our category wall decoration that offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful paddle decoration. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior with taste.

1 Item

Data sheet

De 4 (Haut) à 16 (base) cm

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