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Blue Suar Wood Decorative Paddle

World's Art presents you a decorative paddle in suar wood an blue finish. A decorative idea about water. The sea, a river or a lake will be evoked at the sight of this article decorating your interior. Hang on a wall in your living room or in another room of your choice to add a touch of originality. A new idea for wall decoration via this wall decoration design.

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Cultures differ in the world in the design of the tools we use. The Indonesian style stands out for example in the paddles by a particular design that makes the end of the handle particularly manageable. With a touch of modern color, this adds style to this wooden object.

The possible themes in the interior design are so eclectic that one can bring complex mixtures of cultures. A good interior design is a design that sets up different kinds of objects studied and designed to take the observer to distant lands only by his imagination. Styles can oppose, marry or complement each other. Which can form unusual interiors.

In tropical and humid countries, the paddle is an important tool, marking the link with the water and making it possible to earn one's daily fish. In anticipation of good support and optimized maneuverability, the end of the handle is terminated by a perpendicular handle.

A deco design element

The modern design interior is the meeting ground for diverse cultures. Several design manufacturers such as World's Art take inspiration from everyday elements in different, unusual cultures. However, the paddle is fairly classic and well known. A kind of wall decoration that has for some time replaced weapons such as rifles or sabers. Here, the touch is definitely warmer, with a more rustic accessory. Do not forget the shade that marks the intervention of the designer.

An element of deco unusual and simple

The most beautiful attribute of interior decoration is often the one that is the most unusual. Walls are often decorated with wall decorations such as paintings or design objects of different shapes. One can however be sumptuous and remain simple.

Dimension of the Blue Decorative Paddle

This blue decorative paddle has a width of From 4 (High) to 16 (base) cm, for a height of 100 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.83 kg.

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1 Item

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De 4 (Haut) à 16 (base) cm

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