Black and White Painting Representing an African Women

This is a painting of a black and white painting of an African. A new theme for a specific decoration. Its size, neither too big nor too small. Perfect for wall decoration. Visible in all cases to bring a personal decorative touch to the interior design. Sitting on the wall of your living room, office or other rooms.

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Westerners have failed to erase this African artistic culture that fundamentally opposes the Venetian footprint. This allows to give a very particular look in the interior decoration. The use of exotic and distant arts has been a major turning point in interior design. Raw materials like exotic wood are used.

The walls of our modern homes have become the refuge of distant cultures. The modern concept of decoration is identifiable by elements such as murals depicting famous people from Africa.

By adopting unusual looks for the eyes of the Western observer, we can give a personal touch to our interior decor. The way Africans dress is usually very peculiar, leading to reflections on customs and fashion. The painting is an outpost of this remote culture with very characteristic representation.

A wall decoration open to the world

The Western world is now ready to open up to other cultures and even religions. This is shown by a desire to show foreign faces in their home decor. The brilliant idea of ​​the designer is to show a people with its history through its jewels and all the pageantry it wears for particular events.

An unusual wall decoration

In modern interior deco, classic deco elements have changed drastically. We take advantage of art coming from all corners of the world to have personality and individuality in the design. It is a perfect balance between modernity and rustic and traditional objects. Nothing is predictable, but everything is in orbit around the unusual to give a special atmosphere that can not be reproduced elsewhere.

Size of Black and White Painting Representing an African

Its depth is 100cm. As for its height, it is 12Ocm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your home, you can look in our subcategory wall decoration that offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful painting in black and white representing an African. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Width: 100 cm
Height: 120 cm
Styles: Indonesian

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