Glass Carafe Blown On Base In Solid Teak

It is a blown glass decanter on solid teak base from the World's Art collection. Taking or offering refreshment is a very common gesture. To do this the use of this decorative decanter is very pleasant. Using this carafe will make the situation certainly simple but courteous. Placed on a coffee table, in the living room during the service, will liven up the atmosphere and the entourage.

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The web design has led to the birth of an orgy of deco objects in massive teak all as unusual as the others. Here, we have the particularity to associate it with blown glass, to give birth to a decanter presented on a pedestal made in the root of the exotic wood.

A winning duet

The marriage of blown glass with solid teak multiplies its elegance, which gives a sublime presentation for the observer. In some places like the design garden, you need both rustic and modern utensils to serve the guests. The glass decanter on solid teak base is made for this.

The designer is today an expert who can present a work of nature, draw inspiration from it and complete it to give an object of design both elegant and unusual. At this moment, we are celebrating the signs left by nature, full of personality and individuality. The raw material can reveal all its characteristic features without fear of being hidden by a devastating finish.

Inside and outside

In the gardens, in the kitchen or in the living room, you can follow a great diversity of solid teak objects. Design furniture and any decorative object confused. Glass is also omnipresent in every corner of our homes, whether for interior design or exterior design. An alliance between the two seems quite logical to contribute to a more ambivalent pace. And we must admit that the two are very well matched.

Glass on wood

The glass is delicate, it must rest on a solid base, a role that is held to perfection by the solid teak root that serves as a pedestal.

Size of the Glass Carafe Blown on Solid Teak Base

Its weight is 1.4kg, its depth 18cm and diameter 15cm. As for its height 26cm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complement the decor of your stay, you can look in our sub category tableware that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful carafe blown glass On solid teak base. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Diameter: 15 cm
Depth: 18 cm
Weight: 1.4 kg

Data sheet

Dimension du socle
20 x 20cm

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