Wall decoration in Olive Wood and Wine Corks

Decoration in olive wood and wine corks. This decorative object from the World's Art collection is a design and / or useful product. Use in your kitchen, as a charcuterie display tray, tray or as a simple artistic touch to decorate on a wall.

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This creation made by Teymour ROMAN is a wall decoration made with three raw materials. Olive wood, epoxy resin and wine bottle stoppers.

Olive wood

Olive wood is a very dense wood because its pores are very close together. It is very difficult to work with but the result is always a pleasure for the eyes because between the play of colors and its grain, this wood is one of the most beautiful in the world.

Epoxy resin

The epoxy resin that Teymour ROMAN uses at World's Art is a high quality and non-toxic resin. It is extremely durable and abrasion resistant. This material is mechanically very resistant and does not deform. The resin is also resistant to acids and not susceptible to corrosion.

A harmonious alliance

World's Art offers unique products made mostly in France in Cotignac. 

The creation is made so that the product is an aspect closest to nature and to add a touch to sublimate the products. 

In this specific case, Teymour ROMAN created a wall decoration inspired by the region with olive wood and corks from local wine bottles.

The achievement

The achievement  This product was made in 4 steps: 

- The first: working with olive wood and placing it in a formwork. 

- The second: metallized red resin casting 

- The third: transparent resin casting 

- The fourth: Sanding then finishing with a last layer of resin as a finishing touch.

Dimension of this works of art

It measures 66cm in length and 42.5cm in width. The thickness of the tray is 1.5cm for a total weight of 6.1Kg.

Other decorative objects 

World's Art offers you other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your interior, you can look in our coffee table and Works of art subcategory which offers complementary products.

Data sheet

Olivier / Epoxy
Naturelle et résines rouge

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