Teak Wood Root Sculpture Natural Finish Big Size

Nobility in the art of decoration. Exactly in the image of this natural teak root sculpture large size. Teak wood, a noble wood, better known for its decorative qualities and its solidity to any test. At more than 1.4 m long, and 13 cm wide. You can easily decorate with the room of your choice such as the decoration of your living room.
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An accessory that decorates well is an ornamental element that may not have practical utility in the home. Indeed, we could only take advantage of its pace to give a special atmosphere, without having to assign a logical sense of its presence, except that its aesthetic sublimate your home.

Decorative optics of the Teak Root Sculpture

The main element of decoration in a room is often almost indefinable. This gives an impression of mystery to the visitors, causing the observer to ask questions about the why of the thing. The large natural finish teak root carving perfectly fulfills this role with magnificence.

The good decoration marks by its visual presence, without needing to have a useful and pragmatic role. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the sculpture of teak root natural finish large size.

A product that is out of the ordinary

At first glance, the rudimentary and exotic simplicity of this decorative element surprises the observer. However, when we know that the raw material is recognized internationally as a great representative of solidity and aesthetics, we think twice. Teak is known around the world for its peculiarity in characteristics. Indeed, we must know that to work this kind of wood, you need tools that are out of the ordinary to have a design decoration.

The king of the house

The true monarch of the house, to the extent that he can dress, decorate and support anything, whether indoors or outdoors, it is exotic wood. A role in the new modern decoration of the third millennium, like the sculpture of teak root natural finish large size. The rise of this raw material is worthy of its reputation.

The characteristics of the sculpture

decorative idea that does not demerit is the addition of decorative furniture that is out of the ordinary, like this sculpture whose weight is 4.90 kg, 142.5 cm high, 13 cm in diameter and with a base of 25 x 23 cm side.

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Data sheet

Dimension du socle
25 x 23cm
Finition Naturel