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Cane Skull in Black Suar Wood

This exotic suar wooden cane with a skull in black carved finish is a product signed World's Art. Hang on the wall of the living room for a rustic wall decor. Or why not put it in a corner of your living room. This cane will stand out and bring a decorative touch to your interior.

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Interior decoration is an art that is being created today based on ancient cultures. We use primitive materials and distant themes, which we turn with the contemporary sauce with the treatment of raw materials, to bring out particularly surprising elements of ornamentation.

The wood has the specialty of being able to take all the forms. Artists can sculpt, color, paste, sharpen ... Here, the black finish skull cane acts as a decoration that seems current, while its look can have a connotation much more religious or mystical at other times.

The black death-head cane would have been an accessory that hides from the public eye a few centuries ago. Now it's a decorative element that can bring a special touch to the room that houses it. The designers make sure to satisfy all the trends of the moment.

A cane of dark inspiration

If we believe that we can say everything about the decorative accessories and the inspiration of the designers, it is not having seen all the facets of their imaginations. And yet, it finds followers very interested in anything that may have appeal to the opposition to life. A skull that could be described as a skull that overcomes an articulated rod like knuckles is a kind of decoration that can give a whole atmosphere in a modern interior.

The elements of decoration and the vestiges of the past

Guests from another world can now populate modern Western homes. Exotic, tropical or religious, some do not shrink from nothing to have a decoration that is in their image, whether it is the Gothic or natural tendency. Modern homes are now home to remnants of the past imprinted with improbable cultures in the third millennium.

Dimension of the Skullcap black finish 

This black finish skull cane has a width of 11cm (high) to 4cm (base) for a height of 108 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 570g.

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1 Item

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De 11 (Haut) à 4 (base) cm

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