Square Stool in Teak and Green Resin and Metal Base

The stool is a classic furniture. However designed with a well-designed design, it is very decorative and more practical. Like this square stool in teak and green resin and metal base, made with a teak wood induced resin and iron. A piece of furniture for the decoration of your home. Placed in your kitchen, your dining room, or elsewhere it will embellish these rooms.

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We all expected this kind of seat warm enough and design to decorate our interior, or go outside once in a while.

The best combination of metal and exotic wood is represented with this square stool in teak and green resin with metal base.

The modern design in interior decoration is different from the decorative furniture that we had in the past century. We enjoy an incredible variance of material, with solid teak and metal, not to mention the resin that crowns everything, ideal for all kinds of indoor and outdoor design.

A stool made of three materials

Here is the teak square stool and green resin metal base, with a cubic look finish. A seat should be lightweight, simple to use, aesthetic. This allows him to move into any type of decoration, whether indoor or outdoor. It saves time and money in interior decorating when using multiple use decorative objects. It can be put in the living room, dressing room, children's room or parents, garden or terrace. Solid teak is an exotic wood that has both aesthetics and characteristics for all environments, because it supports moisture and sun more than any other wood, without the need for treatment. With the green resin finish, we are satisfied by an ambivalence of color that ensures the signature of the modern side.

Characteristic of the stool

The metal base is an ideal pedestal for bringing exotic wood and green resin to the pinnacle of modern deco design. A simple presentation, but an incomparable aesthetic born from this union of raw materials. The whole weighs 10.10 kilos. If the height is 45 centimeters, the stool has 30 centimeters of side.

Dimension Square Stool in Teak and Green Resin and Metal Base

Its weight is 10.1kg, its length 30cm and Width 30cm. As for its height 45cm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complete the decoration of your living room, you can look in our sub-category coffee table that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful square stool teak and green resin and metal base. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Dimension (L x W x H): 30 cm x 30 cm x 45 cm
Weight: 10.1 kg

1 Item

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