Straight Stool in Natural Suar Wood

Developing your home with the right furniture is a real pleasure. Not necessarily expensive but of great adaptability. Some furniture can be used everywhere like this exotic wood suar stool with classic design from the World's Art collection. To be used as an object of decoration or to complete a set of dining tables.

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For nature lovers, nothing is ever so bare as to be able to see the personality of a wooden product. The finish must not hide the characteristics of the raw material. On the contrary, it is there to sublimate the individuality of the article.

Small in size, the stool that World's Art offers you still has a great personality. Robust and massive, the wood used as raw material has a particularly practical grain in modern interior decoration. Not to mention that it is also a kind of furniture that can be put outside.

The random presentation of the features of the tree is a kind of art that is not artificially reproducible. A kind of print that is the fruit of the whole life of this raw material that has long since earned its acclaim.

Personality of a wooden furniture

The emotions transmitted by the personality are a priority in the natural elements that are used in the general presentation of the interior decoration. Strength is a definite asset since we use a kind of wood that lends itself very well to intense use. When you look closer, the minimalist bench shown here is made entirely of suar wood, elegant and strong.

Strength and natural imprint on the stool

The individuality of a piece of furniture always touches the observer by the beauty of a nature that puts its stamp on modern art and decoration. Indeed, the very essence of the contemporary trend today asserts itself in the preservation of what nature offers us in terms of design and individuality. We let the creative specialist, the designer simply sublimate the material to bring out an element both useful and decorative.

Dimension of the stool in Suar

This straight stool in suar to a thickness of 6 cm, a length of 50 cm, and a width of 30 cm, for a height of 45 cm. As for his weight, he weighs 10,20 Kg.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your interior, you can look in our sub category bench that offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful mini right bench in suar. We also advise you to look at the Furniture & Decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

1 Item

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