Giant Bowl in Natural Teak Wood

Giant salad bowl in solid teak designed with premium teak. Intended mainly to be an object of decoration for the decoration of the table seen its design. Placed in the middle of the main table of the kitchen or that of the dining room, it decorates the decor. Given its size and the specificities of teak wood, it can serve as a real bowl if the occasion requires it

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In recent years, teak has conquered contemporary home decor magazines. web design also promotes its expansion, allowing the individual to free themselves from interminable wanderings to find the unusual and personalized element that suits their tastes.

Solid teak is practically a legend as exotic wood. Used in the proximity of homes, in the design gardens, its strength and resistance to moisture are highly appreciated. It is made of designer furniture and designer furniture that can be used both outdoors and indoors. An optimized arrangement for storage and decoration is thus easier, with a raw material that combines beauty with strength of character.

A solid teak salad bowl

Solid teak does not need a finish that hides his personality. On the contrary, the designer must reveal the individuality of an exotic wood known for its strength and natural elegance. The beautiful lines drawn by nature denote both this aspect both wild and artistic. Solid teak is an old acquaintance in the design exterior interior design. We immediately recognize these traits that are found only on this particular kind of wood.

Ornamental design salad bowl

The modern design manufacturer realized that it was better to show the true face of solid teak to reveal its natural elegance. The giant salad bowl is thus with all its individuality to serve also as a trendy and ornamental table decoration. It's great to be able to match the design furniture with its food accessories. If you have teak as furniture design or as wall decor, you can optimize and match your furniture design with kitchen utensils made in the same raw material.

Size of the Giant Salad Bowl in Solid Teak

Its weight is 5.8 kg, as for its height of 20 cm, its width of 42.5 cm and length of 40.5 cm. Finally, its thickness is 3 cm and its depth 17 cm.

Other decorative objects

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Dimension (Lxlxh) : 40,5 cm x 42,5 cm x 20 cm

Weight: 5,8 kg

Materials: Teck wood

1 Item

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