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Glass and Carafe Glass Blown On Base In Solid Teak

Thanks to web design, we know that World's Art is able to provide decorative objects that are both useful and able to play a decorative role in the interior design that we have as habitat. Here, the glass and carafe set is laid on a solid teak base that has kept its natural and unusual shapes. An object of decoration that can decorate a shelf or another piece of furniture glazed.

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 It is the artificial material that is shaped to marry the asperities of the root of the exotic wood, and not the opposite.

Solid teak decorative objects thrive in designer interiors around the world, because of the beauty of the raw material and the solidity of this kind of exotic wood. With blown glass, it is a magical association that allows nature to express itself and the designer to create a work that is both unusual and unique.

Exotic wood and blown glass

We can not see a marriage as perfect with glass and solid teak as on web design. The root, which has vague shapes and rough edges that do not promote balance, serves as a very suitable pedestal for a blown glass element duo. The design manufacturer follows the characteristics of the exotic wood base to give the glass forms adapted to land safely, as in a designated box.

A decorative design object par excellence

The exotic wood that supports the glass is not new, but when you offer such a presentation full of naturalness and elegance, you can only succumb to this warm charm. A palpable ambivalence, since the solid teak is so strong and so hard, while the blown glass is so fragile and delicate. The brute and the elegance that are presented in one and the same decorative design object very special for our modern interior or exterior layout.

Glass Size and Glass Carafe Blown on Solid Teak Base

Its weight is 2.86kg, its depth carafe 15: glass 6 cm and carafe diameter 14: glass 11 cm. As for its height 29cm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complement the decor of your dining room, you can look in our sub category tableware that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful glass and carafe blown glass on base. solid teak. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Diameter: 14 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 2.86 kg

1 Item

Data sheet

carafe 14 : verre 11cm
carafe 15 : verre 6cm
Dimension du socle
25 x 16cm

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