Decorative Bowl in Exotic Teak Wood

The bowl is often considered as any dishware. But this decorative bowl from the World's Art collection has a plus. Indeed, the well-worked wood has a considerable decorative range. Made of wood that will find its place in the interior design. To put in height in a dresser or on a buffet. Or simply on the kitchen table and the dining room.

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Decorative bowl in solid teak, which is very popular in the field of modern decoration. This bowl is carved in this wood with a practical shape. It aims to bring an artistic touch to your interior. Placed in your living room, it will bring a more design on a shelf or height on your dresser. A new decorating idea that will capture the attention of your guests.

After the renovation comes finally the decoration. The modernized interiors benefit from this new range of wooden objects that bring personality and a natural side to the interior layout.

In every garden, living room or kitchen, there is always a wooden element that gives the atmosphere to the room where the raw material throne.

Why is there so much wood in the house? In fact, this material embodies the nobility in the construction. When it's massive teak, we're at the top of the pyramid when it comes to wood. Its characteristics are perfect for interior and exterior decoration. The decorative bowl we have here is a very representative image.

When we have always been passionate about wood and nature, we expect the best in interior design. This requires materials that resist wear and environmental conditions, especially when decorating outdoor areas such as the garden or porch. The authority of teak in this area is irrevocable. Designers can bring their touch to the design of decorative items.

A spectacular decorative bowl

With wood, the show is not only with shapes, but also with the texture and imprint of nature. It is important that each piece is finished to sublimate its natural characteristics, instead of making it impersonal. The decorative bowl is suitable for those who are most demanding to keep the features that inspire nature lovers.

A decorative bowl for all rooms

The decorative bowl can be accompanied by other elements of interior or exterior decoration. Its middle is hollow, putting the decoration accessory to the rank of containers. This is worth it multiple use and in various places of the house. You can put fruit in the kitchen or the dining room, you can place ornamental accessories if it is in the living room or garden.

Size of the teak wood bowl

Its weight is 330g, its depth 11cm and thickness 1cm. As for its height 11.5cm with a thickness of 1cm and a diameter of 15cm.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers you other decorative objects to complement the decoration of your kitchen, you can look in our sub category tableware that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful decorative bowl. We also advise you to look at the wooden object category that groups objects in wood to personalize your interior.

1 Item

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