Luxury Exotic Wood Table Design Hands Carved

World's Art offers you a true work of art. This exotic wood table of natural solid saur was sculpted with simply sublime hand motifs. A happiness of 3m long that you can arrange indoors in the living room or the living room or outside your home on your terrace. It will be in the same stride a furniture of design decoration.
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With nature, you never force things to get something artistic. It suffices to follow the impulse of lines dictated by the personality of the subject, to make it an object of art and decoration. Thus, the solid suar table keeps all its splendor by allowing to express its grooves and the imperfection of the outline. 

Wood has always been a rough work, the man wanted to standardize the presentation. Of course, we must follow some prerequisites when it comes to a utility piece, but nothing prevents to let nature keep its rights to impose its artistic touch.

The new furniture trend 

The talented modern designers are today in a new idea of ​​the design of a piece of furniture. Of course the classic forms are unavoidable, but we now think to bring a personal touch to the realization. In fact, it is rather a matter of letting the raw material express its natural individuality, to be content with sublimating the presentation. This is rather effective when you want to have something unique that always impresses the observer at first sight.

The personality of the furniture 

We see the life of a tree scroll through the grooves that we see by cutting off his trunk. One has the impression to penetrate in his intimacy, to know the wood. This gives each individual a unique character that will never be found elsewhere. The nodes that form circles, the lines that seem parallel and the random patterns that always give these artistic forms that can not come out of our imagination.

A welcoming piece of furniture 

Those who own a wooden cabinet with a natural finish know what it is. The drawings formed by wood fibers, shades of light and dark colors, not to mention the raw form. All this leads to an impression of penetrating a relaxing universe, which is a boon for a piece of furniture where one meets often.

Table dimension in suar massif natural carved hands 

This solid suar table with natural sculpted hands has a thickness of 8 cm, a length of 300 cm, a width of 112 cm, and a height of 77.5 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 183 Kg.

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World's Art offers other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your exterior, you can look in our sub deco garden category that offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful table. We also advise you to look at the category Artwork that brings together unique and rare objects to personalize your interior.

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