Plateau en Bois Flotté et Epoxy Or

Top in driftwood and gold-colored resin. This decorative object from the World's Art collection is a design and useful product. Use in your kitchen, as a charcuterie display tray, platter or as a simple artistic touch.

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What makes the strength of wood in interior decoration is its authentic, rustic side, design and warm appearance.

Design range

Work of art composed of driftwood in golden epoxy resin. Gold, worthy representative of the luxurious world. This play between its transparency and this color gives an incomparable mirror effect, my declaration to the luxury products that this realization will complete.

A harmonious alliance

In modern decorative elements, antique raw materials are now put forward as assets for the layout. Thus, the decorator marks their mark in such a way as not to hinder the presentation of the characteristic features that remind us of this natural aspect. This design object is unique and made with different driftwoods and metallic epoxy resin.

Glossy epoxy finish

The finish chosen to sublimate and protect this charcuterie board is a finish with two coats of epoxy resin for a glossy effect that covers all this work, keeps the natural look of the wood and has total impermeability.

Dimension of this artwork

It measures 60cm in length and 30.5cm in width. The thickness of the top is 2.3cm for a total weight of 3.9Kg.

Other decorative items

World's Art offers you other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your interior, you can look in our coffee table and Works of art sub-category which offers complementary products.

Data sheet

Bois flotté et époxy
Naturelle et résine verte

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