Blown Glass Banana Leaf

A decorative item can have several designs. This blown glass banana leaf from the World's Art collection is a real inspiration for plastic art. It is an original creation by its representation and the design of the material used. To place it on a piece of furniture to make it well visible will be an obvious attraction. In the living room or other room of its choice.
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The beautiful aesthetics of this Banana Leaf Glass Blown to all environments. It's not about any sheet with a random design. It is a true joint work of art between nature and the artificial. The combination of two elements, one modern and the other millennium.

The feeling of relaxation, calm and fullness is what we have with Banana Leaf in Blown Glass. A kind of decoration which shows a marriage perfectly in symbiosis in spite of the difference of the origins.

For an original wall decoration, or as an adult bedroom decoration or living room decoration, this Banana Leaf Glass Blown is suitable.

An ambiguous sheet

What would we do in design without geometric shapes? We appreciate this impression of regularity, the infinite, but also the theory. Yet art makes mathematical formulas accessible, letting our imagination fill our calculation gaps. The Banana Leaf Glass Soufflé affirms its natural side and its modern touch by the ambiguity of its presentation.

A successful marriage between the two concepts

Creating objects of decoration in blown glass is quite daring because the work of this material is quite complex and requires a knowledge mastered. Banana leaves are also not forms that seem obvious in their sculpts. All the same two original concepts that, as mentioned before is the marriage of a modern concept (the work of glass) with a millennial fruit (banana).

 Yet this is not the first time that such unions have been made in modern interior design.
Or by the union of two different materials: plastic and steel, fabric and wood ... the examples are numerous.
Either by marrying two con

cepts that seem so far apart and have nothing to do with each other. As our next decorative object: Banana Leaf Blown Glass. And yet no harmony is more magnificent than this union. The crazy trend of this alliance between rustic and modernity.

In the modern interior decor, you always need an element of surprise for a successful decoration. Try this Banana Leaf in Blown Glass.

Dimension of Banana Leaf Glass Blown

Its weight is 2.97kg, its length 62cm and width 22cm. With a thickness of 2cm

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Dimension (L x W): 62 cm x 22 cm
Thickness: 2 cm
Weight: 2.97 kg

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