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Colorful Blown Glass Design Vase

This colorful blown glass vase has more compared to others. Its design in itself is a technique mastered by very few decorators. The quality of the material used and the colors are well distinguished in the finish. The proof, unequivocally, of the know-how of his designer. To place in a beautiful room, in the middle of a coffee table or classic, even better with a beautiful bouquet.

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The colorful blown glass vase is the indelible mark of the feminization of the modern interior. Of course, we would try to argue that the square shapes have the right side in the interior layout. But when we analyze more closely, we notice that the accessories that dress the premises are always with curves as voluptuous as charming.

The secret of a well-decorated place lies in the choice of raw materials. In the contemporary trend, we always find this kind of classic object that has been redesigned by designers, to have this modern touch that must characterize the interior of our days.

The debate of the vase with the flowers or presented without any accompaniment has no place to be. Indeed, we can leave it as desired, with or without flowers.

The presentation of the colorful blown glass vase

The colorful blown glass vase turns the heads of the observers by the peculiarity of its generous forms. The profession of glassblower requires an unequivocal artistic experience to give this kind of creation capable of sublimating its environment. Practical side of the decorative accessory, it is perfectly possible to choose between two types of presentation. First of all, we can choose to accompany it with a bouquet of flowers that adds colors and volume when we receive guests. But one can also remain simple, by being satisfied with the only vase likemain character of the environment which surrounds it.

The presence of the vase inside

In an office, a living room or in the outdoor environment, you can use the colored blown glass vase. With its artistic form, one can say very long on the subject, starting with the upper edge that takes waves. The slight traces of color only sublimate a highly elegant ornamental element with femininity. A soothing presence that can identify at a glance the spirit of a room.

Dimension of the Colorful Blown Glass Vase

This colored blown glass vase at a depth of 26 cm, a width of 21 (high) to 7 (base) cm, for a height of 30 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 1,00 Kg.

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1 Item

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De 21 (Haut) à 7 cm (base)

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