Work of Art in Teak Sea Effect

This Work of Art in solid teak wood from the World’s Art collection is of the nature range. Tey to be embedded in the epoxy resin of shells and sand for a beach side, design and original. It finds its place as decorative work.

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This work of art is made of teak wood and epoxy resin. It is part of the Artwork collection of World’s Art made by the decorator artist Tey.

Artwork in Epoxy

This realization of the nature range is a work that can be used as a wall decoration a wall of your interior in order to add an artistic side.

Realization of this work in epoxy and teak wood

This creation in epoxy resin and teak wood was made in four stages. The first is the casting of a background of metallic blue epoxy resin, the second, the incorporation of the elements, the third, the casting of transparent epoxy and finally the last, the icing which makes it possible to sublimate and protect the achievement.

Dimension of this creation in epoxy resin and wood

This work measures 44cm in diameter with a thickness of 4cm for a total weight of 3kg.

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