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Exotic Wood Mask Rama Shinta Statue

There are modern decorations reminiscent of the distant spirits of the past. Some precise details on a wooden longitudinal plate and one obtains this mask in albésia Rama Shinta wood Statue of the collection World's Art. Very stylish. An incongruous presentation in the modern decor that can be put in our personal space, like an office, to bring an unusual touch.

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Important variations of forms are obtained throughout the world, as regards the artistic representation of the face of the man. To respect the ancient codes of the decoration, one can introduce new unusual elements in the contemporary interior.

It does not need a large accessory to give a strong impression in an empty interior. The wooden mask of Albesia is not immense by its volume, however it is noticed quickly by the observer. Its purely spiritual aspect invades space and fills the place it occupies with its poignant personality.

A thematic work of art

It is considered religious, combining the tradition of a distant people with the expressive art of an ancient culture. When one reviews the characteristic features of the face represented on the work, one immediately notices this inner serenity, the impromptu calm that one has in the contemplation of an object yet so fascinating.

A traditional mask

The relationship of man with art has always been palpable in the design of his interior. The development of design has not been anarchic. One even seems to want to return to a rather restricted order, to return to the ghosts of the past, as if to reassure oneself and find a certain origin in creation. Aabésia's large wooden mask with silver leaf offers a striking spectacle from top to bottom. This oval shape is often found in decorative items because it allows you to play with perspective. A certain continuity of the image is ensured as well.

Dimension of this Wolrd's Art Mask

This mask made of albésia ramashinta statue has a thickness of 4 cm, a length of 61 cm and a width of 11 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.33 kg.

Other decorative objects

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1 Item

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