Large Basket for Table in Natural Teak Wood Root

This large solid teak root table basket from the world's art collection is for table decoration. The work done on the teak root gave rise to this original and exceptional decoration. With its diameter of 34 cm, and height of 19 cm, you can also join the useful to the pleasant by placing the objects of your choice if the situation would require.

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A table top in solid teak root is made for an unusual, natural, aesthetic and unique presentation. The solid teak must spend the first years of its existence in an exotic and very humid environment to be favorable to a decorative use or for the design furniture.

For exotic wood such as solid teak, everything is possible in the interior design exterior. This raw material whose home soil is in Southeast Asia has now seduced all parts of the modern decor. From designer furniture to the root table basket, to the wall decor that follows the trends of modern interior decor.

A rather wide container, a unique container, the natural sublimated look and a utensil that can serve as a design table decoration. This is what we have with this table basket in solid teak root.

A natural root

Nature always has this exuberant appearance when it is allowed to express itself in all its splendor. The designer manufacturer can apply a discreet finish, just shaping shapes to contribute to an ideal shape for a utility side. The artistic design is accompanied by a finish that only reveals the personality of the exotic wood.

Solid teak for design

Several decades ago, solid teak came into being as designer furniture and utilitarian furniture in contemporary housing. Now, the diversity of elements made in this exotic wood allows web design to offer a multitude of decorative objects of all kinds. Base for aquarium or design wall deco, we have the choice according to the personality that we want to display in our interior design.

Dimension of Large Solid Teak Root Table Basket

This solid teak root table basket is 14 cm deep, 5 cm thick, 34 cm in diameter and 19 cm high. As for its weight, it weighs 6,00 Kg.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers you other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your office, you can look in our sub category tableware that offers products that will blend perfectly with this beautiful basket table root wide solid teak. We also advise you to look at the wooden object category that groups objects to personalize your interior.

Diameter: 34 cm
Weight: 6 kg
Materials: Teak wood

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