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Unique furniture and objects 

Find a selection of rare furniture, as aesthetic as functional to decorate your interior and your exterior: kitchen tables, coffee tables or dining room, stools, glass objects, paintings, decorative objects ... You will find many ideas for the house with unique decorative objects that can bring a contemporary style, classic or vintage. With this selection of furniture and objects, your interior will be envious and your decoration will attract all eyes. To be placed in the living room near the fireplace, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, on the terrace or in the garden, our furniture and decorative objects design will appeal to all lovers of interior and exterior architecture.

Noble materials and quality materials 

Create the atmosphere that suits you with our selection of unique objects that subtly combine materials such as wood, resin or green. You can opt for teak wood, a noble and exotic material particularly appreciated by interior decoration enthusiasts for its vintage look, its nuances of color and its great longevity. You can also choose suar wood that offers beautiful natural colors in contrast and each piece is specific to the trunk from which it is extracted. These furniture in teak wood and suar wood are very used in decoration because they are quality furniture and noble woods make it possible to obtain a beautiful grain and support very well the changes of climate. You will also find wooden pieces of dugout, an exotic matter full of history, in resin to bring color and solidify the furniture or in glass to bring a touch of modernism and lightness to the rooms of your house. You will appreciate the mix of materials that create a warm atmosphere.

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