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Design Brown Teck Wood Root Stool

The stool is a very popular item in interior design. Indeed, between booster seat and storage cabinet, this small object can be a real decorative accessory that can transform the atmosphere of a room. This stool in teak root design is no exception to the rule and will easily find its place in your home.

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 The stool is an element of interior decoration very widespread. Formerly simply confined to a purely functional role, today it is one of the essential elements to develop a living room or bedroom.

A sturdy vintage stool 

This beautiful teak root stool design is perfect to be placed around a coffee table in a living room. Its warm colors and exotic appearance also give it the opportunity to be used as a decorative element. In addition to providing additional seating, it can also be improvised coffee table or be positioned at the end of the sofa to accommodate a lamp, the book you are reading or magazines. 

A contemporary decor will easily accommodate the stool resin teak, but it can also very well match with a vintage or modern interior architecture. This magnificent creation World's Art is made for the kitchen, the dining room, the office or the living room. Its design also allows it to be used as a bedside table near a bed in a room.

Teak wood, a noble and durable material 

Teak wood is one of the most appreciated and sought after materials in the world of decoration. Teak furniture has the advantage of gaining value over time and maintaining all their beauty when properly maintained. They are also pieces of furniture that are highly valued because they are transmitted from generation to generation. Indeed, teak wood is a very strong and durable material thanks to the oleoresin that allows it to work very little. The furniture therefore retains its shape, is not attacked by insects and does not oxidize following contact with a metal. The teak root stool design is a beautiful object that will accompany you for many years. 

Dimension of teak root stool design

This stool has a height of 40cm for a diameter of 33cm. As for his weight, he weighs 8,1kg.

Our other furniture 

We offer many other unique and original furniture to decorate your dining room or your living room. You can find a selection of creations in teak wood, suar wood or recycled wood.

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