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Natural Teak Boat Bowl

It's an empty-pocket boat. This empty pocket boat-shaped natural teak, by its presentation and its use: join the useful to the pleasant. Made from teak wood with a boat shape, this empty pocket is both an article of decoration and a practical object of use. Placed on a piece of furniture where the passage is used, the reflex of emptying your pockets will now be easy

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Exotic wood has been used for thousands of years as building material and furniture in tropical interiors. Solid teak is still used for design furniture in our stylish and modern interiors and exteriors. However, it is also used as a table decoration or wall decoration design.

As is the case with the copy we have here, which can also be used as a pocket-drawer with shapes very similar to the boat.

In the middle of the last century, solid teak became very popular, but it is still difficult to exploit with its endemic presence in Southeast Asia. Fortunately with the web design and various plantations that can provide the raw material, it is now possible to dress our interior in different ways with this exotic and tropical wood.

Solid teak is an exotic wood that is clearly distinguished by characteristics ideal for outdoor and indoor furniture. Not only does it have an aesthetic that adapts to any space, but its solidity and resistance to moisture makes it an element that can fit into any type of environment. The imagination of the designer manufacturer can be satisfied with a very representative form to form a design object that also keeps its natural personality.

An empty pocket that serves as an interior decoration

The obsession to perfect the shapes and have a perfect geometry in the interior design and exterior design is now outdated. We currently favor in magazine decorations and store decorations more wild looks and unusual appearances. A tandem between Mother Nature and the human print to give a stable and very well designed table decoration.

Ideal features as a table decoration

We are very interested in massive teak lately. This is reflected in the trends displayed in home decor magazines and modern exteriors and interiors. We are studying the ways to show the particularities of an exotic wood highly prized for its density and strength, as well as its natural beauty.

Size of Empty Pouch Boat in Natural Teak

This empty boat pocket natural teak to a depth of 7 cm, a thickness of 2 cm, a length of 14 cm, and a width of 50 cm, for a height of 9 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 0.90 Kg.

Otros objetos decorativos

World's Art ofrece otros artículos decorativos para completar la decoración de su sala de estar. Puede mirar en nuestra subcategoría de objetos decorativos que ofrece productos que se combinarán perfectamente con este hermoso y vacío bolsillo de barco de teca natural. También le recomendamos que consulte la categoría de decoración que agrupa objetos para personalizar su interior.

Dimension (Lxlxh) : 14 cm x 50 cm x 9 cm

Weight: 0,90 kg

Materials: Teck wood

1 Item

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14 cm
50 cm