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Decorative Natural Bowl in Solid Teak Wood

The inconvenience caused by the loss or the forgetfulness of elements contained in our pockets occur a little too frequently. Pieces of paper of extreme importance, keys, ... Say goodbye to all this. Do it in a fun way by arranging in the same stride your interior decoration with this solid teak deco Bowl from the World's Art collection. To have in a visible place.
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The hunt for the rare object that has the personality for the interior decoration to give birth to a exploitation of the natural resources to make them objects of ornamentation very stylish, as it is the case with this teak pocket-drawer designated by World's Art.

Before becoming this decorative bowl, this piece had a busy life. This can be seen in the characteristic grooves that can be seen on solid teak, the main component in this ornamental and utilitarian accessory. The wood is sublime as a decorative element. Indeed, it is a key subject in contemporary decoration. It goes as well in the living room as in the dining room, not to mention a very popular presence in the bedroom and kitchen.

A unique decorative object

There is no imposition of form or rule of presentation in modern art. Especially when we just sublimate the signature of nature. With her, it's never the same music. Each piece of a tree is personal, unique. As is the case with this empty decorative pocket made of solid teak.

The massive teak wood

If there is one material that can be counted on in modern interior design, it is wood. Poetic in a way, with his presentation. It does not change over time and resists wear, especially when you're in the presence of something as elegant and stylish as teak wood. The latter is practically present from floor to ceiling, when we talk about some followers of the material.

The modern touch

Thus, the wooden elements can bring a modern touch by the design, even if by nature, it is an element used for millennia in the construction and the clothing of our house. The empty teak pocket is perfect for contemporary decor with its features. 

Perfect decorative element for storing keys, fruits or anything else. It only depends on your imagination

Size of Empty Pocket Deco Teak Natural Massif

This empty pocket deco solid natural teak has a depth of 9 cm and a thickness of 7 cm, 35 cm in diameter, for a height of 13 cm. As for its weight, it weighs 3.20 Kg.

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1 Item

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