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A work of art, is an aesthetic physical element or an artistic creation, resulting from a human activity and generally made by an artist

A work of art, is an aesthetic physical element or an artistic creation, resulting from a human activity and generally made by an artist. It may be a painting, a drawing, a sculpture or a photograph. In itself, it has no utilitarian vocation and it has its own finality. On the contrary, a craft, industrial or technical object is primarily intended to satisfy needs. In this sense, art is a liberal and selfless activity.

Moreover, the work of art, Kant remarks, is the result of an unconstrained, non-forced activity, suitable only for free men. As such, art is akin to a game. It is in itself a pleasant activity that is distinguished from work: "activity which is in itself unpleasant (painful) and which is attractive only by its effect (eg salary) and therefore can be imposed in a binding way "Kant.

However, from the Renaissance, the artist is no longer a simple craftsman, he receives orders and must meet the needs of those who appeal to him; and he is free neither to choose his subject nor to transgress the common taste. His work must please the greatest number.

From now on, and since the 19th century, the artists must create their own community and conquer their autonomy.

If every work of art is a work, every work is not art.

The work of art is characterized by a unique, original and exemplary character, of which the artist, author, creator and spectator of his work in the making, brings into play his spiritual wealth and his tastes. It is difficult for you to agree to define what is a work, a work of art, what is beautiful and what is not; art having evolved with time, ideas, principles, communities ... Is it a job to create works of art? Does this come from learning skills and a job? A miracle (according to Nietzsche's formula)? Genius (Kant)?

If, in the past, the artist had his status as an artist of the nature of the object he produced, the work of art now holds its status as an "auto decree" of the artist himself. or the institution that endorses it.

"If someone calls it art, it's art." Donald Judd

More recently, Marcel Duchamp has introduced new criteria for a work of art: he emphasizes the workmanship of the work of art. He says that art is not just in museums. He is everywhere. In the street, as well as in everyday objects, technical objects, posters ... The border between art and life is blurred. The world in which we evolve has been profoundly transformed by modern art. Basically, art has become contemporary.

Can we do works that are not "art"?

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