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You were waiting for him, and Tey’s doing it for you!

Finally, here it is, my new World’s Art by Tey 2023 production catalog has arrived with sublime settings of extraordinary achievements.

Indeed, I have classified his creations in three new categories that are full of interior decoration products and also for your exterior:

1) - "The Nature range"

This range proposed by World’s Art offers all the creations of the artist Tey

Nature inspires us

Realization of a set that I named the Essen'ciel, in tribute to this majestic tree, the Suar. This reminder to the Indonesian soil, a unique tree with an exceptional texture. A friendly table with benches and stools with the design of matt black steel legs. The raw in all its splendour.

Revisited teak wood

You can see on the visual above a creation with multiple faces reflects the beauty of its lines through the transparent resin that marries and highlights this beautiful teak wood as well as a work of art.

An invitation to calm and rest

Work of art composed of floating wood in green epoxy resin. Green, worthy representative of the plant world. This play between its transparency and this color gives an incomparable mirror effect, my statement to Mother Nature.

2) - "The Design range"

This category World’s Art offers all the design creations created by the artist Tey.

Unique furnishings

This console is composed of olive wood with its river in gradient of blacks, associated with its shelf in solid walnut wood; a work of art. To complement this lamp composed of an olive tree trunk and a metal structure. 

You will be able to visualize on the catalogue 2023, a complete realization composed of matt and transparent black resin mixed with solid walnut wood as well as a dining table design double river epoxy.

The combination of the two resins enhances the depth of black in this dining table in epoxy resin and highlights this matt black steel foot «mikado» style. 

The coffee table and the dining table have been created to be one.

Art in the dark

Combine black resin and transparent resin, which embrace the cracks of its exceptional teak wood and make this realization a daring marriage. It is sublimated by its unique foot hand-forged by an artist ironworker, a work of art that reveals all its senses...

3) - "The Ocean range"

This range proposed by World’s Art reveals various creations of the artist Tey.

The river chamber

Also present on the new catalog as well as the following achievements, the headboard and its bed frame accompanied by two bedside tables in solid oak wood with clean lines. They are enhanced by these epoxy resin and oak wood lamps, which illuminate and warm your cocoon when dusk comes.

The elegance of deep blue resin brings softness to this room.

Calm on the ocean

Square coffee table blue turquoise and linden wood. Union of pigments, one metallic, the other fluorescent that reminds me of this famous plankton during my dives in the Maldives...

I added icing for a mirror effect and I inserted an LED strip inside the resin, which still reminds me of the moon’s reflection on the water. 

Coffee table composed of floating wood visible on the visual above is surrounded by blue epoxy resin of intense light. Its rounded shape reveals to this work all its softness and femininity. I chose to design a penrose style foot in matt black steel to give it lightness and respect its clean lines. Sublime coffee table in epoxy resin...

the mysterious island

Unique work of art, composed of a piece of teak wood varnished and blue metallic epoxy resin. It reflects the beauty of an island in the middle of the ocean. The art of giving meaning to matter.

The beauty of inclusion

Creation in solid oak and metallic blue resin; the sharpness of these regular lines is shaken by its galvanized steel «upside down» foot. A stunning design, in its pure state. 

Find in this range many other products that will make you travel by visiting our website and our blog articles. 


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