Glass Candlestick on Teak Wood Base

The alliances between the natural and the human touch are constantly growing in deco objects that are both decorative and useful. Like this glass candlestick teak base from the World's Art collection. A marriage of materials that is the distinctive feature of this decorative object. It finds its place on a coffee table or classic. Or exposed on a shelf or a piece of furniture vitreous consequent.

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If the designer has no influence on the inspiration and forms of nature, its conceptual touch lies in the combination of its know-how, blown glass, with exotic wood and its natural forms.

The massive teak always

Here we have a little over half a kilo of harmony between glass and solid teak. This exotic wood presents ideal characteristics for the design exterior interior design. A unique blend of raw material laid by nature and that which has been modeled by man. The base has a surface of 17 x 13 cm. There is also the length of 12 cm and the width of 11 cm. The weight is 0.57 kilo and the height is 5 centimeters.

The solid teak is a real prodigy of nature. Its natural beauty is exceptional with the abundance of nutrients and moisture in the environment that allows its trunk to grow. The inspiration of the glassblower fits perfectly with the fortuitous forms that serve as a pedestal for a multi-faceted artistic work.

Glass and wood

This glass candlestick on teak base catches the eye with its harmony between two raw materials that are often allied in our modern interior decoration. The more vague the decor objects in the presentation, the more they are appreciated in the interior and exterior layout.

The characteristics of exotic wood

The high temperatures and the humid climate favor a wood that resists all external attacks. The solid teak focuses on its waterproof characteristics and its solidity to ensure a certain presence as designer furniture or contemporary decorative object in modern Western environments.

Dimension of Glass Candlestick on Teak Base

Its weight is 0.57kg, its length 12cm and width 11cm. As for its height 5cm .with a base of 17 x 13 cm

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Dimension (L x W): 12 cm x 11 cm

Height: 5 cm

Weight: 0, 57kg

Data sheet

Dimension du socle
17 x 13cm

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