Round Coffee Table in Teak Wood and Blue Resin

This round coffee table in pieces of teak and blue resin World's Art collection is far from one to be a simple piece of furniture. The use of teak for each design of its manufacture as well as the use of blue resin make it a unique decorative product. To place in your stay for interior decoration, or on a terrace outside.

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What makes the strength of wood in the interior decoration is its authentic side, rustic, design and warm look. Indeed, the kind of solid wood such as teak can completely change the spirit of your home decor.

Decorative wood

Wood is a raw material that allows the designer to express himself with his art while keeping the personality of the element he works.

The round coffee table in pieces of teak and blue resin adapts to all environments. Whether for a garden or an outdoor environment, the color tones chosen have an easy to impregnate the place with this friendly aspect.

Difficult to remain impassive to the impressionist look of this coffee table. Its perfect roundness can be used in a friendly environment, to present the essentials of any friendly or family meeting. The stability is optimal, with a diameter of 70 centimeters for a height of a good fifty centimeters and weight 62 kg.

Furniture that fits everywhere

There is furniture that comes according to the space it has to fill. The kitchen table which may be of a different style than the living room. That outside, in the garden, must withstand the weather. As for this World's Art coffee table, we are faced with an accessory that is both decorative and useful that can be used both in the exterior decoration and in the interior layout.

A harmonious alliance

In modern decorative elements, antique raw materials are now highlighted as assets for the layout. Thus, the decorator marks their footprint so as not to hinder the presentation of features that remind us of this natural aspect. Only with the presence of this round coffee table in pieces of teak and blue resin in the vicinity and we feel this wedding marriage harmonious between the personality of the wood and the artistic imprint of the man.

Size of Round Coffee Table in Teak Pieces and Blue Resin

This table has a diameter of 70 cm, a total height of 45 cm. Its weight is 62 kg.

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complete the decoration of your home, you can look in our subcategory coffee table that offers products of the same category and teak wood that includes all the products of the same material and which will marry perfectly with this beautiful coffee table.

1 Item

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Naturel et résine bleu

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