Giant Mirror in Natural and White Albésia Wood

This giant mirror in natural and white abhesia wood from the World's Art collection will do the job in a large room. The presence of this mirror will visually expand the living space of places. Good sources of light will brighten up more thanks to its reflection. The wedding with the albésia is a more appreciated on the design and will influence to the interior decoration.

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Man has always used nature in all its splendor to optimize the interior decoration of its habitat. This is well seen on this giant mirror in natural and white albesia wood. We are now favoritism with exotic wood, because it has this natural beauty ideal to give a warm look to a design interior.

The artistic dimension seems to take over the hair of the beast to have personality in the presentation of the elements that we see every day in the interior decor. Thus, we have a diversity in the presentation of the different mirrors, like this giant copy of albésia wood.

The dimension of the other side of the mirror has always fascinated the imagination. With this exotic wood frame, we have a touch of elegance that marks the current trend that favors the occupation of the natural in the most modern styles.

An asset for interior decoration

With the web design, the element of decoration arrives in a very short circuit at the particular, which gives the possibility to the western one to have a interior and exterior design design which pleases and which corresponds to him. An asset to cultivate the difference and bring a unique decoration to its interior or its garden design.

A mirror with exotic wood

There are several types of exotic wood, but the wood of Albésia is distinguished by this particular look that can be used in a variety of decorative objects of all kinds. When we talk about decoration, we talk about those we hang on the walls, essential to fill very large surfaces. But the mirror can also bring depth when spaces are reduced.

Dimension of the Giant Mirror in Natural and White Albésia Wood

This giant mirror in natural and white albésia wood is 170 cm high, 2.5 cm thick and 60 cm wide. As for his weight, he weighs 12 Kg

Other decorative objects

World's Art offers other decorative items to complete the decoration of your living room, you can look in our subcategory wall decoration that offers products that will marry perfectly with this magnificent giant mirror in natural and white albesia wood. We also advise you to look at the decoration category that groups objects to personalize your interior.


Width X Height (cm) : 60 cm x 170 cm

Weight : 12 kg

Wood :  Albésia

1 Item

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60 cm
170 cm
2,5 cm

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