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Recycled Wood Decorative Tray

This 3 in 1 recycled wood decorative tray is a decorative object from the World's Art collection but also a useful object as a meal tray. It serves as a service or presentation by its denomination. However, it fully contributes to being a decorative piece. Its recycled wood manufacturing material gives it an original appearance. Same for its multicolored visual representation.

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Superb decorative tray in recycled wood. Taking part in all recoveries that can safeguard our environment is a citizen and ecological gesture. Use this tray is one of them. The wood is certainly recycled, but of good quality. Presenting and offering these guests any snack will please. Placed on a piece of furniture, for the decoration of the table, is a plus why not?

Wood and decoration

The exploitation of wood has developed so much over the millennia that this raw material has had some major crises. However, modern art has been able to take advantage of it to offer decorative decoration items. Recycling thus makes it possible to recover elements that were once considered disposable.

We take care of the remains to make objects very stylish and representative of our culture.

The recycled wood decorative tray is appreciated by lovers of recycling. The initiative to use industrial wood chips has given a new school to new interior decorators. An ideal behavior to conserve biodiversity and the life of our planet.

Decoration and recovery

The awareness of the spirits on the evolution of the ecosystem begins to change the mentality of the men. Apparently, the designers have adhered to a creative concept that takes into account the environmental impact of their work. Some have even specialized in this type of article, producing all kinds of decorative items from salvaged items. Thus, the metal or wood is transformed and reused for reintroduction into the consumption circuit.

A personality put forward

We can stay true to eco-responsible behavior, even if we want to have a stylish and stylish interior. Contemporary fashion allows recycling, as far as interior decoration is concerned. Sometimes, it is even this aspect of recovery that we want to highlight, to show this unusual personality that we get with some improbable assemblies.

A greatly simplified design

In this new era of interior design, the presentation is kept in its simple manner. We stay in classic forms, while bringing color and some motifs that can be decisive in the final appearance of the subject. This minimizes expenses and optimizes the space to be filled.

3 in 1 Recycled Wood Decorative Tray Size 

This 3 in 1 recycled wood decorative tray has a total thickness of 6 cm and 1 for each tray, for a length of 30 cm for the first, 35 for the second and 40 for the third, and 22 cm wide for the first, 25 for the second and 30 for the third, to finish a depth of 5 cm for each one. As for its weight, it weighs in all 1.44 Kg.

Other decorative objects 

World's Art offers you other decorative objects to complete the decoration of your dining room, you can look in our subcategory table art that offers products that will marry perfectly with this beautiful decorative tray in recycled wood 3 in 1. We also advise you to look at the recycled wood category for nature lovers.

Data sheet

1) 40cm / 2) 35cm / 3) 30cm
1) 30cm / 2) 25cm / 3) 22cm
Bois recyclé

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